London wide – The Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy

  • Low emission zone
  • Congestion charging
    • Reduced emissions NOx and PM10 by 12% in zone (Beevers et al 2005, Atmos Env 93, 1-5)
    • Funds public transport
  • Reducing road transport in inner areas and stopping suburban road transport growth
  • Particulate filters on LT buses
  • Cleaning up the taxi fleet
  • Incetives for cleaner fuels and vehicles – publicity and leading by example
  • Research and emissions inventory
  • Support boroughs

What’s being done locally?


  • Measurement
  • 3 continuous and 7 passive sites
  • Review and assess pollution
  • Draft Air Quality Action Plan
    • Supporting LEZ
    • Freight Quality Partnership
    • Vehicle testing
    • Beddington Lane detailed assessment
    • Planning and construction
    • Pubilc transport and cycling
    • Promoting alternative fuels inc. bio diesel trial
    • Travel plans
    • Roundshaw CHP

To view pollution levels in your local area of London, check out